Our peppers

Grown sustainably and brimful of flavour

Bell peppers are tasty, simple to prepare and very healthy. It’s no wonder that peppers are used in kitchens around the world to add taste, colour and nutrition to a myriad of dishes.


More vitamins than other fruits and vegetables

Bell peppers contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, often times more than other fruits and vegetables. For instance, did you know that peppers contain three times more vitamin C than oranges do? They also have a high concentration of minerals, vitamins E and B, folic acid and fibers.

Peppers are best kept in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. That way, they retain their colour and flavour for over a week. When they’re packaged, peppers will last for a bit longer. A fresh, healthy pepper is firm to the touch and shiny. You shouldn’t see any wrinkles or spots on it. The stem has a bright-green colour. You can use raw peppers in salads or healthy sandwiches. For the best taste, it’s good practice to let the pepper reach room temperature before consumption.

Full of flavour

Red bell pepper

The sweetest of them al

Orange bell pepper

Peppery goodness

Green bell pepper

Surprisingly sweet

Red point pepper

Surprisingly sweet

Yellow point pepper

Surprisingly sweet

Orange point pepper

Growing sustainability

This means that we’re producing in the most sustainable way and are working tirelessly to reduce our ecological footprint.

Within the entire production chain, we're working to produce the least amount of waste, reduce our gas usage and decrease our CO2 emissions continuously.


Besides the important social issue of sustainability, Rainbow Growers also focusses on the welfare of their employees. Safety, good working conditions and sustainable employability are very important within the organization.

We are Rainbow Growers and we are a member of the cooperative Harvest House U.A.