Kwekerij Growin


Kwekerij Growin is the birthplace of Rainbow Growers Group.

The 7,3 hectare greenhouse at Herenwerf 18 is the garden where this whole adventure started. In 2019, a greenhouse sizing 2,5 hectares and producing green bell peppers, located at Herenwerf 24 was added to the company. To keep everything running smoothly, 24 people are at work at Kwekerij Growin.

Location manager

Kris Duijvestijn

Kris has been working for Kwekerij Growin as of 2000, after working for seed producer RijkZwaan and operating his own pepper farm. He’s most proud of the confidence and freedom his employees and he have earned in determining how to run their company.

Location manager

Richard Hendriks

Since 2006, Richard has worked his way up to be the cultivation specialist at Kwekerij Growin. Before working at Kwekerij Growin, he worked as a lorry driver and he worked in Rainbow Grower’s sorting facility in De Lier. He’s most proud of the teams superb cooperation and the great yearly final results.

The cultivation

The greenhouses

At Herenwerf 18, red bell peppers of the Alzamora breed are grown. At Herenwerf 24, green bell peppers of the Frazier breed are grown. Both greenhouses work with a traditional system, with the plants on rock wool slabs and without artificial lighting.


Kwekerij Growin

Site address:
Herenwerf 18, 3155 DK Maasland
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Herenwerf 24, 3155 DK Maasland
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Kris Duijvestijn (Location manager)
Richard Hendriks (Location manager)
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KvK no 27185817
VAT no NL8080.640.58.B02

Cooperation, colleagues that are committed to the cause, high-tech farming and of course, the most delicious bell peppers, That is Rainbow Growers!