Kwekerij het Westland

Poeldijk & Naaldwijk

In 2012, Rainbow Growers Group started growing point peppers.

For this, a 2,25 hectare greenhouse in Poeldijk was purchased. In 2018, a second greenhouse was rented in Naaldwijk. This greenhouse had an area of 4,2 hectares, completing Kwekerij het Westland as we know it now. In the two greenhouses, 30 employees are working to create the perfect combination of 3 colours of point peppers.
In 2011, the company started growing cucumbers at a rental location in Wateringen, starting in 2012 with the cultivation of pointed peppers, and later expanded with a rental location in sample. The location in Poeldijk was purchased in 2016.

Location manager

Thimo van Marrewijk

Thimo has been working with Rainbow Growers Group since 2011. Before starting at Kwekerij het Westland, he went to agricultural school and worked in flowers, growing phalaenopsis & chrysanthemums. He’s proud that his employees and he are able to successfully grow three colours of pointed peppers at the same time, serving the entire market all on their own.

The cultivation

The greenhouses

At Kwekerij het Westland, we grow point peppers: orange and yellow ones at the Poeldijk location and red ones at the Naaldwijk location. All greenhouses use rock wool slabs and they both don’t use artificial lighting. Poeldijk uses the V-system, Naaldwijk uses the traditional system.


Kwekerij het Westland

Site address Poeldijk:
Wateringseweg 16c, 2685 SR Poeldijk
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Site address Naaldwijk:
Vlietweg 20, 2671 NC Naaldwijk
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Thimo van Marrewijk (Location manager)
[email protected] 

[email protected]

KvK no 52639053
VAT no NL8505.31.391B01

Cooperation, colleagues that are committed to the cause, high-tech farming and of course, the most delicious bell peppers, That is Rainbow Growers!